Supply Lists

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C375 Chantal Guillermet Playing with Monoprinting Supply List

C377 Cecile Whatman Stamp Making & Printing Supply List

C369 Jan Hassard Undulations Supply List

C370 Philippa Naylor The Finish Line Supply List

C371 Sue Spargo Circle Play Needle Case Supply List

C374 Jo Avery Improv Curve Landscapes Supply List

C361 Sandra Johnson There is Creative Freedom in Sewing Letters Supply List

C364 Gill Towell Free Motion Applique Supply List

C368 Isobel Hall Quilting 3D Objects Supply List

C346 Chiara Cingano Free Form Concentric Circles Supply List

C347 Jo Avery Tendrils Project Pouch Supply List

C349 Jan Hassard Strips Galore Supply List

C350 Elina Lusis Grinberga Inspiring Creations in 3D Applique Supply List

C330 Sue Spargo Wooly Block Winter Red Bird Supply List

C331 Cecile Whatman Garden Tiles Supply List

C340 Sandra Johnson Personal Design Applique and Embroidery Supply List

C326 Michael Fitchett Sunshine Pictorial Quilt Design

C329 Philippa Naylor Precision Piecing Supply List

C321 Chris English Porthole Crumb Block Cushion Cover Supply List

C315 Cindy Thury Smith Stripes Six Ways Supply List

C316 Alicia Merrett Adventures in Map Making A Town Harbour supply list

C318 Elina Lusis Grinberga Let it Circle Supply List

C319 Mick Stead Mola Patchwork by Hand Supply List

C310 Sarah McClean Free Form Picture Quilts

C311 Cecile Whatman Old Man Time An Art Quilt Supply List

C312 Eric Broug A Practical Intro to Islamic Geometric Design Supply List

C314 Chiara Cingano Machine Pieced Circles Supply List

C306 Alicia Merrett Contemp Improv Lines Spots Ladders supply list

C308 Gilli Theokritoff Batik Bargello Tablerunner Supply List

C309 Sandra Johnson Traditional mad Modern Using Japanese Indigo Blue Fabric Supply List

C304 Angela Madden Celtic Design Masterclass Supply List

C305 Cindy Thury Smith Fan Hexagon Supply List

C301 Leslie Morgan Innovative Screen Printing

C302 Jude Kingshott Eco Indigo and Books Supply List

C411 Chiara Cingano A Flower from the Earthquake Supply List

C413 Chris English Porthole Crumb Block Cushion Cover Supply List

C409 Elina Lusis Grinberga Unique Art Textile Gift Creations Supply LIst

C406 Sandra Johnson Personal Design Applique and Embroidery Supply List

C407 Gillian Cooper Free Motion Applique Supply List - Copy

C408 Valentina Bukeeva Create a Quilted Wallet Card Holder Supply List C401 Sylvie Plested Alberta Crazy Jacket Supply List

C402 Jolanda Zeimer My Bonnet Wall Hanging with Hand Applique Supply List

C403 Sue Spargo Road Runner Embroidered Needle Case Supply List

C404 Cecile Whatman Indigo and Shibori Dying Supply List

C393 Gillian Cooper Free Motion Applique Supply List

C396 Gill Towell Thread and Felt Pictures Supply List

C384 Sandra Johnson Sew in Circles without Using Pins Supply List

C390 Jolanda Zeimer Doodle Quilting by Hand Supply List