1. How are ticket prices set?

Ticket prices are set by the (independent) Promoters and Organisers of the concerts and events which are staged at the venues. The Promoters and Organisers distribute tickets for sale through various Ticket Agents and in effect The Ticket Factory simply acts as another one of these Agents.

2. Why do you charge booking fees?

Booking fees are charged by The Ticket Factory in order to facilitate the processing of credit and debit card payments. PLEASE NOTE: For concerts and events staged at The NEC, LG Arena and The NIA, The Ticket Factory does not charge a booking fee if tickets are purchased at the Venue Box Office using cash. Please refer to Booking in Person for details.

3. What is the transaction fee for?

A transaction fee is a one-off charge per order. It covers the administration costs and overheads associated with each ticket sale. The Ticket Factory regularly reviews the level of booking and transaction fees in order to remain as competitive as possible.

4. Why isn’t it cheaper to book online?

The Ticket Factory has invested significant resources in our Online ticketing system and booking fees are charged for accepting credit and debit card payments. The Ticket Factory regularly reviews the level of booking fees to ensure they are consistent with other comparable venues across the UK.

5. Can I book tickets in person?

As the official box office of The NEC, LG Arena and The NIA, The Ticket Factory sells tickets at the following venues:

LG Arena Box Office
LG Arena
The NEC Birmingham
B40 1NT

The NIA Box Office
King Edwards Road
B1 2AA

Tickets for events at The NEC, LG Arena and The NIA can also be purchased (by debit/credit card) from: Birmingham Tourism Centres and Ticketshop Marketing Birmingham 150 New Street Birmingham B2 4PA PLEASE NOTE: Booking fees will apply to all tickets purchased from Birmingham Tourism Centres and Ticketshop. However, booking fees will not apply at LG Arena Box Office or The NIA Box Office to customers paying by cash and Gift Voucher.

6. When is the box office open?

The NIA Box Office is open on event days only. The LG Arena Box Office at The NEC is open Friday and Saturday from 12noon – 5pm and 9am on LG Arena concert releases. Opening hours are subject to change at short notice. To confirm our opening times before travelling to LG Arena or The NIA to purchase tickets please call 0844 581 1311 for up to date information.

7. What payment cards can I use to buy tickets?

We currently accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Visa Delta and Solo for online bookings. Sorry, we are unable to accept Maestro online - please use an alternative card or call 0844 581 0742.

8. Is my online payment secure?

The Ticket Factory is a secure web site and all patron details are submitted over the internet using the highest level of commercial encryption currently available (128-bit SSL). To view details of our security certificate please click here or on the VeriSign Secured logo . All our secure pages are clearly labelled, have a URL (address or location) that begins https:// and a padlock symbol appears in the status bar at the bottom of your browser window.

9. What if the secure page does not appear to be secure?

Occasionally The Ticket Factory pages are used by other web sites (as requested by our show promoters) - our pages are sometimes placed within another web page belonging to another web site using a HTML frame - a web page placed inside another web page, that makes it seem as if you are booking via one web site. If The Ticket Factory secure pages are placed inside a page that does not use SSL our secure pages may not appear to be secure - your browser window will only show the properties of the outer non-SSL page and not the inner secure page from The Ticket Factory. However, this kind of web page set up is not uncommon and will not affect pages that use SSL encryption - the two pages do not interfere with each other and no data is transfered via the insecure page, all data is transfered via The Ticket Factory secure page. The Ticket Factory pages begin - if your browser shows any other URL (address or location) you are probably accessing our pages via another web site. If you have any queries please contact Technical Support .

10. What is my Card Security Code?

Your Card Security Code (CSC) appears on the reverse of your card and is the last 3 digits of the printed number at the top of the signature strip. The number at the top of the signature strip is usually the full credit card number followed by the CSC but is sometimes the last 4 digits of the card number followed by the CSC. The Ticket Factory uses the card security code (also known as CSC) for Visa, MasterCard and Solo in order to improve transaction security. This is sent to the bank at the time of card authorisation together with your card number, expiry date and issue number (for Solo cards). Your CSC is known only to your bank and appears only on your card. It is not printed anywhere else e.g. does not appear on bank statements.

11. When will I receive my tickets?

Although tickets are usually posted out within 7-14 days of purchase, there are occasionally delays due to exceptional circumstances such as special "souvenir" ticket stock, show-specific ticket wallets or on the direct instructions from the promoter/organiser of the event. If there is a delay the only delivery method available at the time of booking will be 'Mail - Delayed Delivery'. If you have any queries please contact Customer Services .

12. Can my tickets be sent to a different postal address than my billing address?

Tickets booked using a Credit or Debit card must be posted to the Card Holder's registered address. We are obliged to implement this rule under the terms of our contract with the Card Issuers (VISA, MasterCard, American Express etc.) and are unable to make any exceptions.

13. Can my tickets be posted abroad?

Tickets booked using cards that are registered to addresses outside the UK, cannot be posted abroad and instead will automatically be held for collection at the venue Box Office regardless of the delivery method chosen at the time of booking.

14. Can I collect my tickets?

Yes, when purchasing tickets over the telephone, please inform our sales advisor before booking if you wish to collect your tickets. Usually for bookings made 3 or less days in advance of a concert/event, tickets will automatically be held for collection at the venue box office. If tickets are being held for collection the only delivery method available at the time of booking will be 'To Collect from Venue Box Office'. If you wish to collect your tickets before the day of the concert/event, or if you have already booked and now want to collect your tickets instead of having them posted please contact Customer Services . PLEASE NOTE: Customer Services usually require 48 hours notice to arrange collection of tickets and that Standing Tickets can ONLY be collected from the show Venue Box Office, after 4pm on the day of the show. Unless advised, tickets can be collected from the relevant venue Box Office on the day of the concert/event. Please present the card you made the payment with at the Box Office window marked "Prepaid Collections". PLEASE NOTE: Tickets for evening concerts and events will be available for collection from 1 hour 30 minutes prior to the show start time.

15. Can I collect my tickets if I don’t have the card I paid with?

If you are unable to bring the card (with which the booking was made) to the Box Office, we can accept a signed letter from the Card Holder authorising you to collect the tickets on their behalf. The letter will need to quote the Card Holder's full name, address and card number and should be presented at the Box Office window marked "Prepaid Collections" together with a recent Utility bill (Gas, Electric, Water or Telephone) confirming the Card Holder's details. PLEASE NOTE: Photocopies will NOT be accepted.

16. What is an eticket?

No more waiting for tickets by post! Have your tickets right away! No waiting in box office collection queues! An eticket is an exciting new type of ticket which is sent to you by email directly after you have completed your booking. You simply print the tickets yourself at your convenience before the event, in black and white or colour, then bring them with you to the event. You can even forward them on to other people attending the event so that they can print their own tickets and meet you at the venue. The advantage is that you get your tickets right away, safely and conveniently, without waiting for them to be delivered by post. Follow this link for an example of an eticket.

17. How does an eticket work?

Once you have booked tickets with "Email - eticket" as your delivery method, an email will be sent to your email account. This email will confirm your booking and a PDF will be attached that contains your etickets. You should then save the eticket on your computer and print it at a convenient time. When you arrive at the event, the barcode on your etickets will be scanned and you will be admitted. The ticket that comes out of your printer is a valid, legitimate ticket. Make sure you keep it in a safe place like you would cash and protect it just like you would any other ticket!

18. What if I print more than one copy of my ticket or a photocopy is made?

Only the first scan of the barcode on your eticket will be allowed entry. Make sure you keep it in a safe place like any other ticket! If more than one copy were to arrive, the barcode scanner will alert the steward that the eticket has already been scanned. If there is a dispute, the purchaser's name appears on each eticket.

19. If I order multiple tickets to the same event, how many emails will I get?

You will receive one confirmation email with a PDF attachment containing all etickets purchased for that order. The PDF file will have multiple pages with one eticket per page. Please note that if you place an additional order for more etickets to the same event, you will receive another email. If you use Microsoft Outlook Express you may have security set to block the viewing of attachments. If this is the case you will see a message similar to the one below when you read the eticket email. To turn off this security setting, do the following: In Outlook Express, select Tools, Options, then select the Security tab. Untick the box marked Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus. (Note: the layout of security settings may vary based on your PC's operating system and version of Outlook Express) Click Apply. Click OK. When you now read your email, you should have access to the pdf eticket.

20. How do I print my eticket?

When you receive your eticket email, open the attachment and save the PDF document to your PC's hard drive. To view and print your eticket you must have Adobe Reader (at least version 4.0) installed on your PC and a laserjet or inkjet printer. If you don't have Adobe Reader installed on your PC, you can download it for free from . Before you print your eticket, make sure that your printer is switched on and is loaded with enough A4 paper. Please print one eticket per A4 sheet (not double sided). Your eticket can be printed in colour OR black and white as either of these options are acceptable. Please make sure that you print all pages from the PDF document and that all pages are printed only once. Then simply bring the printed copies with you to the event. If you have any problems printing your eticket, double check that your printer is turned on and the cables are connected to your computer. Also ensure that your computer has enough memory available. If necessary, try closing any unnecessary programs before attempting to print again. Always check to ensure the printed etickets look the same as displayed in Adobe Reader. If you find that some information is missing from the printed eticket try the following: Open the eticket in Adobe Reader. Select File then Print... In the print window, tick the box marked Print as image. (Note: this option may be found in the advanced section of the print window) Click OK to print the eticket.

21. What if I don't receive my eticket?

If you've not received your eticket email within a few hours of booking, please check the junk mail and spam guard settings on your email account and any web security software your use. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) e.g. AOL may also be blocking your eticket email by mistaking it for spam. You can add The Ticket Factory email address ([email protected]) to your email contacts so it becomes a trusted address. If you continue to have any problems, please contact us .

22. What if the event is cancelled or postponed?

In the event of a concert/event being postponed or cancelled, refunds can be obtained by returning your tickets to the original point of purchase. If your purchase was made through The Ticket Factory, tickets should be returned to the following address: The Ticket Factory PO Box 3348 Birmingham B40 1NS We recommend that you return your tickets by Registered Post to ensure delivery. For postponed concerts/events your tickets will remain valid and you will be notified of the new dates. If you are unable to attend the new date follow the above procedure to obtain a refund.

23. What should I do if my tickets are lost or stolen?

Please contact our Customer Services team. Customer Services will only accept enquiries from the Card Holder and will require full name, address and card details. PLEASE NOTE : Standing Tickets can NOT be replaced or duplicated under any circumstances.

24. How can I find out where I’ll be sitting?

The Ticket Factory does not send out seating plans as seating varies for each individual concert and the seating layout can be subject to change before the concert takes place. If you would like to view the seating plan for the show you wish to book tickets for, there is a plan displayed on The Ticket Factory website for each Individual show.

25. Where can I park?

Car parking is available depending on the venue. Please check with the venue direct for details.
For the LG Arena visit
For The NIA visit

26. Can I take pictures or record at an event?

PLEASE NOTE :The promoters of the concert or event will inform the venue of their policy regarding the admission of cameras to their shows. It should not be assumed that any camera will be admitted, as their policy may change at short notice, and without prior notification, at the artists request. Usually, professional type cameras (with interchangeable lenses) are not allowed in, with the exception of officially accredited photographers covering the event. Video cameras and audio recording equipment are very rarely let in, but often the Promoter will allow in small instamatic cameras. It has been known however, for all cameras to be banned at the request of the artiste. In these cases customers will be required to leave their cameras at the confiscation area, for collection after the show.

27. How can I buy tickets for disabled visitors?

All disabled visitors are advised to call our dedicated ticket line number 0844 581 0700 (+44 121 782 3555 from outside the UK) when booking tickets. Please inform us at the time of booking if you need a wheelchair space or have specific requirements, so that we can arrange for everything to be ready on your arrival. We will also help you find the most convenient seating for visually impaired people. Owing to sound levels involved, we strongly recommend that you do not bring Assistance Dogs to concerts or other loud events. Please note that all ticket sales are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Opening times If you have specific requirements it is recommended that you call a member of the Disabled Customer Bookings team on 0844 581 0700 (+44 121 782 3555 from outside the UK) Open 24 hours a day Help us to improve The Ticket Factory is a member of the "Employers Forum on Disability", and has signed up to the Disability Access Charter. An in-house committee meets regularly to address services for disabled visitors, and regular audits of our building are undertaken in respect of access. If you have any suggestions or comments you wish to make, please advise a member of staff. Alternatively, write to: The Ticket Factory, Customer Services team, PO Box 3348, Birmingham, B40 1NS Venue information To find accessibility information for disabled visitors please contact the venue direct. For The NEC visit For LG Arena For The NIA Arena visit

28. How do I find out what tickets are available?

If you wish to be added to our free e-mailing list, to receive updates about our forthcoming events on a regular basis, please go to our Newsletter Sign Up page. Availability of tickets can be checked on The Ticket Factory at We do not keep waiting lists for sold out concerts/events. If there are any tickets returned or extra tickets made available they will be for sale on a first come first served basis by the above methods. You can also check the local/national radio and press for announcements of new ticket releases.

29. How do I change my account password?

Call Customer Services on 0844 581 0777 and one of our team will be happy to help.