Terms and Conditions for Davis Cup by BNP Paribas – GB v. Australia 18-20 September 2015

These Terms & Conditions together with any specific rules or conditions explained or notified by LTA Operations Limited (the LTA) as relevant to this ticket sale, apply to the sale of tickets for the Davis Cup by BNP Paribas – Great Britain v Australia September 2015 tie (the Event), held at the Emirates Arena, Glasgow (the Venue), by or on behalf of the LTA. All applicants for tickets and ticket holders (the Applicants) agree to accept the following terms and conditions.

Please check your tickets carefully on receipt and contact The Ticket Factory immediately if you have any queries. The Ticket Factory is not liable for lost, destroyed or stolen tickets and cannot always replace them.

Entry into the Venue for the Event requires a valid ticket which must be retained at all times and is conditional on acceptance of the following conditions.

This ticket is issued subject to the Conditions of Entry for the Event published by the LTA and displayed at the Venue and at www.lta.org.uk, which include the following:

(a) Tickets are issued to view such matches as may be played on the designated day. Please note any provisional order of play is subject to change at the discretion of the LTA and the ITF. Matches played on any day of the Event are subject to the Davis Cup Rules and Regulations including the ITF’s policy on dead rubber matches which states ‘with respect to the third day, if the third singles match is at least four sets in duration and decides the outcome of the tie, the fourth singles match will not be played, unless both teams agree otherwise. If the third singles match decides the outcome of the tie but is less than four sets in duration, the fourth singles match must be played as scheduled (to the best of three tie-break sets). Customers are not entitled to refunds in such instances.

(b) The date and time of any Event session is subject to change without notice. In the event of cancellation, any processing and handling fees are not refundable.

(c) The ticket remains the property of the LTA at all times. All ticket sales for the Event are final, tickets cannot be transferred or re-sold other than with the permission of the LTA or via an authorised ticket re-seller (if one is appointed), nor can they be exchanged or refunded. Any resale or transfer or attempt to resell or transfer any ticket in contravention of these terms (other than with the permission of the LTA or via a ticket re-seller authorised by the LTA (should one be appointed)) will render the ticket (and at the LTA’s discretion any other ticket issued to the individual or the purchaser of those tickets) null and void (unlawful ticket) and all rights conferred or evidenced by such ticket shall be extinguished.

(d) This ticket is a personal revocable licence. The LTA reserves the right to revoke the licence granted by this ticket, with or without cause, by refunding the purchase price. No pass-outs or re-admittance are allowed.

(e) Tickets are not refundable and may not be exchanged or returned.

(f) You must produce a valid ticket to attend the Event and removing parts of, defacing or otherwise altering your ticket may render it void. Anyone attempting to use an unlawful or invalid ticket, or otherwise enter or remain at the Event without a valid ticket will be seen as a trespasser and refused entry or evicted from the Event, and may be liable to legal action.

(g) The ticket holder is responsible for lost, misplaced or stolen tickets.

(h) Tickets may not be issued for advertising, promotional (including contests and sweepstakes) or other trade purposes unless otherwise agreed by the LTA and tickets must not be sold or offered for sale in any forum including in any online auction or other website unless permitted by the LTA. Any such action will result in the cancellation of the ticket with no refund.

(i) The Ticket Holder assumes all risks and dangers incidental to attendance at the Event, whether occurring prior to, during, or after a session.

(j) Ticket holders must comply with all present and future laws, ordinances, orders, conditions of entry, rules and regulations (whether statutory or otherwise and including health and safety requirements) governing the Venue, the Event, car parks operated by the owners of the Venue and other property owned or controlled by the owners of the Venue in the vicinity of the Venue.

(k) Ticket holders may be subject to security checks, pat-down searches and bag and/or vehicle searches throughout the Venue. The LTA and the Venue owner reserve the right to limit items which may be brought into the Venue and to search bags, vehicles and the person before granting entry to the Venue and other facilities. The LTA and the Venue owner cannot take responsibility for personal property brought onto the Venue.

(l) The LTA and the Venue owner reserve the right to:
* refuse admission or re-admission to, or eject from, the Venue any person at any time and without a refund due to refusal of security checks, non-compliance with these Conditions of Entry or if their behaviour or conduct could in the reasonable opinion of the LTA, its authorised representatives or the Venue owner constitute a source of danger, nuisance or annoyance or otherwise affect the enjoyment of other spectators or persons at the Event;
* require latecomers to wait until a suitable break in play before being admitted; and
* provide alternative tickets at the Event should the staging of the Event so require e.g. due to unavoidable seating changes.

(m) Babes in arms and children aged under five are not permitted in any grandstand seating. Children aged 5 years or over are allowed into grandstand seating provided that they have their own seat and do not disturb other spectators. Children aged under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult.

(n) No dogs are allowed, except for registered guide dogs, which are allowed into the Venue but not permitted in the grandstand seating. Smoking is prohibited in the Venue. Glass containers are not permitted in the stands. It is not permitted to bring glass containers into the Venue. Due to licensing laws, no alcohol may be brought onto site and any such alcohol must be confiscated and handed to security staff for disposal before entry can be granted into the Venue.

(o) The ticket holder consents to careful search and inspection for and/or confiscation of prohibited items. Items prohibited from the Venue include, but are not limited to:
* bottles, cans, food and drink not purchased at the Venue, and alcoholic beverages;
* any item which may be interpreted as a potential weapon, including sharp or pointed objects (e.g. knives, large corkscrews), glass bottles, pyrotechnics and ‘personal protection’ sprays;
bags larger than 16’’ x 12’’ x 12’’ (40cm x 30cm x 30cm);
* oversized hats or any items causing an obstruction or nuisance; and
* all promotional, commercial, political or religious items of whatever nature, including but not limited to the following items if they are of that nature: banners; signs; symbols; marketing materials; and leaflets (unless expressly authorised by the LTA).
Any such items will be confiscated and handed to security staff for disposal and ticket holders in possession of such items may be refused entry to or ejected from the Venue.

(p) Ticket holders are not permitted to distribute literature or other materials or to sell or distribute merchandise at the licenced premises.

(q) Mobile phones must be switched off during play. Professional video, photographic equipment and the use of laptops are not permitted on site. Flash photography is forbidden. Photographic equipment with lenses of more than 300mm when extended are not permitted.

(r) The LTA and the Venue owner reserve the right to demand any individual reasonably suspected to be using a mobile telephone, radio or other communication device in an antisocial manner or to engage in suspicious activity (including but not limited to the provision of information for betting purposes) to cease using such a device immediately and may eject any such individual from the Venue without a refund.

(s) No ticket holder or spectator may collect, disseminate, transmit, publish or release from the grounds of the Event any match scores or related statistical data during match play (from commencement of a match until its conclusion) for any commercial or gambling purposes.

(t) Official filming, recording and photography will take place during the Event. Ticket holders should be aware that, by entering the Venue, they grant their irrevocable permission to the LTA, its assignees, licensees, commercial partners and media agencies, the ITF, and partners of the LTA and the ITF in their sole discretion for their likeness and voice to be included on film, in recordings and in photographs and their exploitation and advertising without compensation, credit or further notice.

(u) No unauthorised person is permitted on the courts and no person may remain in a gangway, entrance, exit or staircase at any time unless directed by a steward to do so.

(v) No charitable or other collection shall be undertaken within the Venue save with the specific authorisation of the LTA.

(w) To the maximum extent permitted by the law, the LTA and the Venue owner hereby exclude any liability for loss, injury or damage to persons/property in or around the Venue. Neither the LTA nor the Venue owner shall be responsible for any interrupted and/or restricted view.

(x) These Conditions of Entry and any related non-contractual obligations, are subject to the laws of England and Wales and the LTA and the holder irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales (including in relation to non-contractual disputes).

(y) In the event of conflict between these Conditions of Entry and any other conditions (including any terms published by The Ticket Factory), these Conditions of Entry shall take precedence and shall apply.

(z) It is the responsibility of the Applicant to inform the LTA of any change of address, contact phone number or email address, both before and after receipt of tickets. The LTA accepts no liability for the Applicant’s failure to do so. Please note that the LTA’s preferred method of contact for Applicants booking online is by email, so care should be taken to provide a current, valid email address.

(aa) If tickets that are despatched are returned as "addressee unknown", the LTA reserves the right to cancel the tickets without further liability to the Applicant.

(bb) In order to prevent fraud and to protect both parties, the Applicant may be asked to provide additional information after the Applicant’s booking so that the Applicant’s purchase can be verified.

(cc) Where a ticket is lost or stolen, the LTA should be notified immediately and shall, subject to ascertaining and verifying the circumstances in which the ticket holder was in possession of the ticket and of the loss or theft of the ticket, may make a duplicate ticket or tickets available. Duplicate tickets will only be issued to the cardholder on production of the card used to pay for the tickets.  Any duplicate tickets automatically invalidate the original ticket.

(dd) Whilst tickets will be allocated to a specific seat, the LTA have the right to change these seats to others of equal or greater value.

(ee) The LTA and the Venue owner are entitled to refuse admission or re-admission to, or to eject from, the Venue any person.